25 April 2010

"You're shooting Epsilons out of your butt"

Trying somenthing

02 January 2008

totally getting hitched!!


Just to let everyone know, I am getting hitched. Proposed very early am on December 15th. the date is May 9th in St. Louis. We're both excited. Anyways, this blog will pretty much be obsolete. But there is a light at the tunnel. Any new posts will be done at Felipe and Krys. There should be pictures and stories and what have you. So if you are linked to this website, delete it and put in the new one. That will be your mission. And to all a goodnight!

21 December 2007

"I will."

I did it. technically on my sisters birthday.

16 November 2007

I go this stuck in my head

"It's log
it's log
it's big, it's heavy, it's WOOD!!"

08 November 2007

these are spirit fingers!!

"Can I have a death mint?"
--Ben C.


Is it weird that I am now tempted to shave my fingers? The thought kind of gives me the willies and yet, it also intrigues me. Do I put shaving cream and use a disposable razor? Or do I treat it like my face and use the electric shaver? I don't know. Also, I am not shaving my legs nor my army bunkers [arm pits if you couldn't tell]. At least I look sexy with a goatee.

04 November 2007

He's Alive

"Aw cute, you have claws."
--Emily L.

Life is good

Well, this picture was taken last night. And basically, last nights picture taking was barrels of fun. this is one of Krys' favorites of me. I'm all hot [or sexy] when I'm all serious-like. Yeah, I'm a good looking man. So, if you were wondering if I was dead, that rumor was mostly false. I'm all kinds of busy with work and school and girlfriend [aka Krys]. Sadly enough I don't write as much as I used to but I try to keep up with the important stuff with the moleskine. But I will have you know, all is good. I'm enjoying life a lot.

01 May 2007

last crusade

"I don't need the chain, just the chomp"
--one emily

bless that jones

A decision has been made. Also, the timing is something else. I am completely scared out of my mind. There is so much that I fear. I gots to build my faith.

Also I consider myself a product of the American Dream.

21 April 2007

Beard of Celibacy

"You're shooting epsilons out of your butt!!"

When will you celebrate Christmas?

No really, these titles do make sense. There are definitely stories behind these. I'll tell you when you're older. Basically for those of you who only know me through the blog this post is to let you know that all is good. I don't get out much but don't you worry, you all know why.

Things to do:

figure out school options and why the bayou is treating me the way it is
move into a new place
look into new employment opportunities
grow my beard of celibacy until mid-May then mid-June
go to St. Louis, MO
go home to LG, Ore.
love life

17 February 2007

a civilization...

"You and I are not so different."
--Green Goblin

...comes to an end

I think this is the end of the blog. there have been many things that I've enjoyed sharing upon the world wide web. the desire to blog has somehow recently lost its appeal. though, even now there is a thing or two that might be of humorous nature. however, I think I'm done. if not forever, it will probably be awhile. sorry for the phase out, really I am. you can still try to convince me otherwise every now and again. know that you are all great. thanks.

10 February 2007

A Brand New Season

"I'll sing you something you won't forget,
For the first time I know, this is who I am"
--The Academy Is...

Isn't it about time?

The family: I need one. About right now. It is about time.